#DiverseYA and the YAfictionados

Hi guys!


I haven’t posted in some time. I’m really sorry about that but I will be re-branding this blog in November on BlogSpot and I will actively booktube too.


I’ve been working really hard on the @YAfictionados Twitter and blog which can be found here. Check it out! As always, you can find yours truly @yablooker. We have some amazing interviews with authors such as Rachel McIntyre, Lisa Heathfield, Michael Grant, Louise O’Neill and more! We also have guest posts from authors, reviews and do giveaways from time to time so exciting stuff going on there (and hopefully on my updated yablooker blog soon).


This evening, we are launching our new Diversity Series which will look at LGBT issues in YA. The host account is @YAfictionados and will use #DiverseYA so chat with us and connect with fellow book lovers and authors. The Twitter chat will begin at 7.30pm GMT.




Happy Reading,



P.S. Remember that we not only NEED diverse books but we DESERVE diverse books!!! We deserve to see OUR generation in OUR books. Let’s break the mould.

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September 10, 2015 · 4:48 pm

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